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Scrub Abe (pc game)
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Sad, sad, sad

A few years ago now there was much uproar regarding the now infamous 'Horse armor' in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion which Bethesda charged users for what was simply a pretty set of clothes for their mount. It says a lot about the state of play today that an item such as Scrub Abe can be released with nary a comment, especially considering how much fury the horse armor created amongst internet denizens (and which still pops up today on lists of most insulting things the games industry has foisted upon consumers). Scrub Abe is an add-on for the enjoyable platform adventure that is New 'n' Tasty but unlike other proper expansion packs it's actually nothing more than a purely cosmetic costume that offers no in-game benefits or changes, merely making the player look a little different. In principle, it is an admittedly attractive piece of gear, allowing you to deck out Abe in traditional factory cleaner's garb that includes a natty striped loincloth and a scalp cap. However, in reality all it actually does is change the color of your shorts from brown to black with white stripes and with the hat just being a black, rather nondescript affair. Part of the issue is with the visual style itself as Abe isn't exactly the most detailed character model ever so the additions don't really leap off the screen at you. What's worse is that the outfit has no purpose in the game whatsoever, meaning that if you have just handed over a dollar of your hard earned money, you've pretty much just wasted it completely. A sad indictment of the industry today.