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Search And Destroy (pc game)
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  • Broderbund Software
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Details game
  • Commander personnel file
  • Search And Destroy pc game
  • Green background
  • Search for submarines
  • Destroy all enemy ships
  • Aircraft help
  • Go back
  • In target
  • Top speed
  • There's no signs of enemy activity in this sector
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Can't get more basic than this!

Although this is a game that was released in 95, for some reason it insists to look like it was released in the early 90s. Anyway, maybe it is one of the first games to try the hipster wildcard of the dated graphical look, maybe it is for some other just as obscure reasons, it doesn't matter. After you shake your head in disbelief that the game was a 95 creation, you realize that under the very simple graphical interface lies a very neat strategy game featuring submersibles. I can't really compare it other games of its time, because most of them were in tune with the times, offering you so much more graphically, but, at any rate, the level of simulation, while simple graphically is deep enough in scope, just so you get an idea about your way to go about it. Search And Destroy is almost a game that uses the minimum amount of cues for maximum amount of gameplay enjoyment, which is always a refreshing premise. But, if that gets a bit old, try seeing how USS Ticonderoga rustles your U boat sim feathers, or alternatively, go for a session of Das Boot, just as classic but less stingy on the graphical side.