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SEGA Worldwide Soccer (pc game)
4.64 out of 5 (11 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Introduction: made by Sega
  • Introduction sequence
  • Menu: game exibition
  • Starting the game
  • Hintze with the ball
  • Germany on the wing
  • Tenconi: the goalkeeper
  • Free kick
  • Italy trying to attack
  • Good defense
  • Game menu
  • Penalty session
  • England is loosing
  • USA vs Australia tie match
  • Image extracted from game introduction video.
  • Image extracted from game introduction video.
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My first football game

I am proud to present my first football game, SEGA Worldwide Soccer, released in 1997. After I finished it, I tried FIFA, but I have to say SEGA is better in many ways, especially from the control point of view. SEGA Worldwide Soccer is one of the games that attracted me so much into spending many hours without pausing, bringing back good memories. You can choose between the following modes: Exhibition, World League, Worldwide Cup, Cup Tournament and P.K. Shoot out. Also, the features include selecting the weather conditions and the type of stadiums. The realistic audience, sounds, and the vivid environment are a few aspects that will offer an enjoyable experience and a genuine soccer atmosphere. Because of this level of authenticy, this game succeedes in outclassing its competitors. The sense of control is increased by the responsive nature of the gameplay. The innovation comes with various movements on the field: kicks, shoulder blocks, slide tackles and other defensive tactics. In view of all this, I can declare sincerely that SEGA Worldwide Soccer is the best sports game from its era, that remains an outstanding choice among football enthusiasts even in our days. Time to win some cups with teams from various countries!