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Shadow Warrior Katana (2013) (pc game)
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  • New smooth graphics for this remake
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Let's kick some ass

If you're looking for a ninja based adventure that is a far cry from Last Ninja but which doesn't take itself too seriously and offers buckets of action, then Shadow Warrior is just what you've been looking for. It updates the classic tale of Lo Wang, hero of earlier installments in the franchise, and marries the exciting gameplay of its predecessors with an offbeat tale of ancient demons, revenge and of course lots of killing. You take the role of Lo Wang, a corporate shogun who is ordered to find a legendary blade of immense power by his corrupt bosses. His quest then takes him on an epic ride through his own destiny as he takes on demons and other assorted bad guys along a violent path filled with swords and gunplay. What follows is an explosive adventure where you must master the fine arts of swordfighting and ranged weaponry as well as mystical powers, with a huge variety of tricks to try out. The game is basically a fast paced action game which doesn't really let up from the outset, with wave after wave of enemies to take down, and some gloriously old-school level design to enjoy. Shadow Warrior is a great choice for fans of things like Duke Nukem, as it shares that deliciously over the top humor, while there's also heaps of gore to wade through as you slaughter your way through the bad guys. The visuals are pretty slick, with lots of nice effects to savor, as well as some cool environments to wander through, while the sound is equally as cool. Gameplay is simple but rarely less than enjoyable so if you just want to kick back and have a good time, this is for you.