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Shadowgate: Special Edition (pc game)
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  • The game begins
  • The plot unfolds
  • Venturing forth
  • Use the key!
  • Be careful here
  • Using the action list
  • Keep an eye on the torches
  • The atmospheric text
  • The torches are going out!
  • Try something different
  • I wonder what's beyond this door
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Image extracted from youtube video.
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The right way to do a remake

The original Shadowgate is a true classic adventure, a tough as nails point-and-click experience that mixed exploring, puzzling and some seriously spooky shenanigans to great effect. This update does its inspiration proud and creates an all-new take which lives up to the memories of the original and adds to them in such a way to ensure the game appeals to old fans and newcomers alike. This was actually developed by those involved with the original, so their love can clearly be seen in this remake in everything from the visuals to the puzzles. The game itself remains similar in concept, with the player exploring a series of creepy environments and solving the numerous puzzles which bar your progress. Death is your ever constant companion and lurks around every corner and the game remains true to its highly challenging roots. Updates here include the modern visuals, a completely customizable UI which allows you to play in classic or modern style, new and updated puzzles and even a retro mode where you can play with the original pixel graphics. This really is a cracking update to a true classic. Even if you are a veteran of the original, there's much to enjoy here, with plenty of new content and ways to play, while if you've never seen it before, it's simply a damn fine experience. The puzzles are clever and inventive, while the sarcastic humor which defined the original is still intact and which adds much to the game's personality. All in all, this is how a modern remake should be done.