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The legend returns

The classic cyberpunk thriller that is Shadowrun gets a nice modern update in this superb adaptation. It remains true enough to its source material that fans of the original won't be too upset but also adds in enough new elements to give newcomers plenty to get their teeth into. The game itself is set in a futuristic world which mixes magic and technology freely, where elves, dwarves and trolls walk alongside enhanced human beings. Corporations rule, and you are a shadowrunner, a mercenary who lives on the edges of society. What follows is a narrative driven RPG, presented in isometric fashion, which throws in X-Com style combat alongside many of the staples of the genre. Battles are fought in turn-based fashion and provide a lot tactical depth, while there is also a very deep skills-based progression system to appeal to diehard genre fans. There's even a very cool content editor which allows you to create and share your own stories set within the Shadowrun universe. For the most part, this is a top notch adventure. The world that is created here is wonderfully well realized, with fantastic environments to explore and plenty of memorable characters to meet. The story is gripping, and well written, while the visuals are detailed, slick, and genuinely interesting to explore. The RPG elements are deep enough to keep fans happy and although there is lack of player freedom and choice, with a very linear storyline, the gameplay and combat make up for this. Definitely one to check out whether you are a fan of the original or new to the whole thing.