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Life the life of a lynx

This successor to the charming Shelter, which was itself like a modern take on animal survival sims like Wolf and Lion, is just as enthralling but offers a distinctly different experience. The original had a strong narrative but was split into obvious levels while this one is lighter on story but offers less linear gameplay, making it worth playing even if you are familiar with the first game. The player takes control of a lynx and must follow it through its life, as it gives birth to cubs, teaches them how to hunt and all the other things associated with survival in the wild. There are a lot of skills to master in order to succeed, including hunting techniques and different ways to master your environment, like jumping and other forms of movement. You have to find yourself a good den, and learn to look for water while keeping yourself and your safe from predators, making this a highly detailed simulator of the life of the lynx. Shelter 2 isn't going to be for everyone, and it is something of an acquired taste. The visual style may put a lot of people off, with its low poly models and basic textures, but others may be drawn to the patchwork look which actually suits the game well. Gameplay wise, this is open world stuff, with a great deal of freedom in what to do, and if you like following linear paths, then this is definitely not for you. However, if you like to explore and to experiment, then you might find this of interest. Things can get repetitive but the emotions generated by the game often make up for the occasional moments of tedium, making this an experience for those interested in something a little different.