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Sherlock Holmes versus Arsene Lupin (pc game)
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Frogwares has done a pretty decent job of turning the classic character of Sherlock Holmes into a bona fide video game hero thanks to titles like The Awakened. However, this one is pretty tedious stuff and is probably best skipped unless you're an absolutely diehard Holmes follower. The plot here is based on one of the original novels by Maurice Leblanc and which finds the infamous French thief, Arsene Lupin, arriving in London with one simple purpose: to steal five precious objects in five days and then escape unseen. Of course, London's most famous detective isn't going to stand for such an insult, so with your help, he's going to get to the bottom of the case and catch the thief red-handed. The game itself is a point-and-click adventure which requires you to explore old London town while talking to its various colorful inhabitants and picking up clues to the thief's whereabouts. You'll switch between Holmes and Watson and visit places like Buckingham Palace and the British Museum as you attempt to foil the crime. In theory, this could have been another nice Holmes mystery that would have been perfect for delving into on a wet Sunday. However, in practice, it's rather dull stuff. The visuals are splendid enough for the period, with a nice atmosphere hanging over everything and with London being fun to explore. The puzzles are okay but nothing special, with a lack of variety and a fairly hefty dose of boredom amongst the good ones. The story isn't overly compelling either so really, this is one case best left on the shelf.