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Shuffle! (pc game)
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  • Cute girl, indeed.
  • It's a good morning, indeed
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  • Image related to Shuffle! game sale. Credit: Steam
  • Image related to Shuffle! game sale. Credit: Steam
  • Image related to Shuffle! game sale. Credit: Steam
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Bizarre adults-only adventure

If anime-style erotic novels are your thing, such as Dangerous Toys or Love Phantom, then Shuffle! might just be of interest to you. However, if you're not into adults-only cartoons, then steer well clear as this is more likely to offend than entertain. As is usual with this kind of thing, the main appeal here is the story and to be fair, this one is pretty good. It's pretty bonkers stuff though, and revolves around the union of three worlds. The main character is your typical average high schooler who just happens to attend a school where several different races are a common sight. The sudden appearance of two princesses sparks things up a bit and sends this kid off on a bizarre adventure. What follows is a sort of interactive novel, although it's a far cry from Zork or Guild of Thieves. You're presented with a visual novel, with the story unfolding via images and text and which requires the occasional decision on the part of the player, although for the most part, it's really about hanging on and seeing where the tale goes. Shuffle! has a pretty decent storyline, with is perhaps the most important aspect of these things, and if you understand the genre's unique qualities, it's sure to make more sense than to an absolute newcomer. There are plenty of twists and turns, some unusual characters and situations and the whole thing proves quite memorable in this respect. The other element of interest is the visuals, which are again generally quite good. There's some nice design work on the characters and locations, so if you are a follower of this sort of thing, this is worth adding to your collection.