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Going down

The Silent Hunter series is something of a classic amongst submarine simulator fans and which is well worth investigating if you're curious about the genre. This fifth instalment isn't the best entry however, and is perhaps only really of interest to diehard fans eager for more. On paper at least, there's much to like here. You're thrown into the Atlantic during World War II and given command of a German U-boat. You can choose to play either an in-depth campaign which is dynamic in the way that your success or lack thereof affects what follows, or you can play historic scenarios. However you play, you're essentially given full control of your sub and must control pretty much every aspect of it, from the engine rooms, to navigation to weapons systems. You'll have to complete many challenging missions, which will require cunning and boldness, while there are also RPG elements in the way that success earns you points which can be spent on upgrading your boat and skills. You can now explore your sub at will and this is not only an interesting way to spend your time, but a necessary one as by engaging in conversations with your crew, you can improve ship morale. Silent Hunter 5 is a pretty solid example of the sub genre and if you are into this sort of thing, you'll probably get a lot out of it. There are undeniable moments of tension and excitement in the missions and exploring your sub is quite enjoyable. However, the clunky interface and bugs get in the way of what could have been a great experience.