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Silent Hunter Commander's Edition (pc game)
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  • Silent Hunter Commander's Edition: Cover game
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How a submarine sim should look like

Silent Hunter Commander's Edition comes from the original 1996 fleet Sub war simulation game. You control a U.S. submarine in the Pacific Theatre, from Pearl Harbor to the end of the war. There are numerous and various submarines to choose from and your main objective involves sinking as much enemy tonnage as possible. Their near presence is announced in the reports heard in the stations. This game is fun to play and realistic from all points of view. The interface, the settings, the graphics (are convenient and fair enough to help you commanding the navy in an optimal manner) offer an authentic naval experience. Also, the sounds are harmonious, rhythmical and give a genuine feeling, that integrates you in the submariner role, keeping you strained at a maximum level. The expansion packs bring new zones with 15 historical scenarios. Silent Hunter will maintain your interest regarding the second game of the series, convincing you that the sequel deserves to be played. But, you will most likely return to the first game, even if you tried it. So, SH is extremely addicting and it's a good example of how a submarine sim should look like.