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SimCity (2013) (pc game)
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Build it up!

This modern take on the original city building simulator that is SimCity is effectively a remake of its inspiration but despite this, it suffered from some pretty serious issues on release, not least of which was the requirement to be online constantly to play. This has now been removed fortunately so you can enjoy this in your own way without the need to be connected. The essential idea of the game is still the same, requiring you to build up and develop your dream city. You'll need to think about everything, from housing, to work space, to roads, electricity, entertainment and everything in between if you're going to keep your little computer people happy. There are some new changes here, like the ability to upgrade buildings so they can fulfill their function better, as well as automatic zoning which pops up depending on what kind of buildings you place, as well as the regional system which prevents megacities from cropping up, but for the most part this is business as usual. If you are into the city building genre, then there's no denying this is about as good as it gets. There's a huge amount of options here and there's simply so much to do that you're unlikely to ever get bored. It's also immensely satisfying watching your city grow and your people go about their lives, making this a highly compelling experience. The upgraded visuals are also much appreciated so you can see everything in glorious detail, and when combined with the sheer addictiveness of the gameplay, make this a fine experience.