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SimSheep 2 (pc game)
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  • I really need to buy a dog
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It deserves to be highly recommended!

SimSheep 2 is a game where you take care of a sheep, by feeding your pet, making sure it has a good life at the farm, helping him socialize and make friends. Depending on your choices, the sheep can become either good or evil, but the last one will be stronger, will have enemies and even eat dead lambs to survive. Yikes! You wouldn't have expected to read this, don't you? Neither do I, when I first played it. So, regarding the decision about the good/evil features, there are, of course, both advantages and disadvantages offered by them. Beside taking care of the sheep, you will maintain its safety and avoid dangers, you can have parties, engaging in intercourses with other lambs to give birth to new ones, and many more humorous activities. I liked the fact that I could read my pet's thoughts about me and about the farm. This virtual pet simulation is truly addictive, nice, and if you need help during the gameplay, you can read the incorporated tutorial. The game blends the simulation elements with some platformer aspects. I was skeptic regarding SimSheep 2, regarding its power to keep me stuck and interested, but the first half hour convinced me that it deserves to be highly recommended! Enjoy!