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The SiN games have to be considered as some of the last great old-school shooters and stand comfortably alongside the likes of Doom and Wolfenstein 3D as classics of the genre. If you've never been introduced to their delights then this Gold pack is a great way to do so, as it includes the original SiN and the mission pack, Wages of SiN. The world created for the games is a cool, gritty and very dark future, with a storyline to match and which finds you in control of a tough private security guy who gets caught up in a complex tale of designer drugs and mutant abominations running rampant on the streets. The story is actually one of the high points of the game and stands as even more intriguing than the likes of the better known Half-Life, with the mission pack booting the action and excitement up to another level. In terms of gameplay, you have your basic first person shooting style but mixed into this is a lot of puzzle solving, while the whole thing is quite open ended, so you can explore and play differently each time you boot it up. SiN really is an underappreciated gem of the genre which has likely missed most gamers by. This is a shame, as there really is a lot to get stuck into here. The shooting action is tight and exciting, while the puzzles add a whole other level to things and give the game a depth other such games lack. The graphics might not be as slick as modern gamers are used to, but they have their own charm and are actually quite slick and stylish. Add all this together and you have a wonderful game that deserves to be played.