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Sirius (pc game)
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3D Asteroids remix; playable and lots of fun!

Sirius is a cool arcade game, that took it upon itself to remix and to dress classic Asteroids in 3D clothes. It does a beautiful job of it all. You get a slice of a (terrestrial?) globe and the chunks of space debris are hurling around, threatening to hit it. Your job is to shoot them down, never allowing them to touch you or the surface of the planet. You get a cool 3d space view, in 3d, and the surface of the planet you are trying to keep safe is run with rivers and with other geographical elements that work nicely within. Thus, you never really grow tired of it, as each new level offers you a new chunk of the globe, and also, the space debris (asteroids) are also pretty different. Also, they still break down in smaller chunks that you have to target until they dissipate into nothingness, and this will take some getting used to, but it's fun to do, all things considered. So, overall, have Sirius in your collection. It is sure worth it, without question. All in all, though, you might also download Vectoroids, a vector like Asteroids remix, that looks like it's just been made for the vectrx console (but with color graphics!)