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Skyshine's BEDLAM Redux! (pc game)
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Let's all go to the apocalypse

Playing out like a mix between FTL and Fallout, BEDLAM is an intriguing but not entirely successful effort that offers some nice ideas but which doesn't quite come together. It's got a nice look and some fun tactical combat but it lacks variety and any real depth, making it little more than a diversion at best. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where you play the Mechanic, the last survivor of a once thriving member of inventors called Dozers. It's now your job to make your way through the wasteland while commanding your crew and protecting your passengers from the unwelcome attentions of the many mutated nasties that wait for you out in the irradiated landscape. This Redux version includes a new campaign mode which requires you to collect four relics to defeat the evil overlord now reigning in this dark future but the essential idea remains the same, with this being a rogue-like strategy game based around tactical turn-based combat. When first playing, BEDLAM certainly seems fun enough. It's got a nice look to it, which gives it a good sense of personality and charm, with some nicely designed enemies and characters. The gameplay too seems interesting to start with, with the various playable factions giving you some variety but you soon realize that the combat lacks depth and usually devolves into a bit of a mess. The enemy AI only ever seems to use the same four units while the battles quickly get tedious and repetitive. It's a shame really as there's the essence of a good game here ultimately, BEDLAM just doesn't deliver.