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Slave (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of Home of the Underdogs revival.
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Thai parlour game; really engaging

If you love card games, and are up for trying some games that are all the fuss in remote parts of the world, then Slave will take you to Thailand, and recreate a very popular card parlor game in that area. It is built on the idea that you have to conquer your adversary, in a fair and square game, but you also can use deceit and social cues, to indirectly influence the opponent's decisions. Now, given that Slave is not a game that takes place between real players (though you can play in multiplayer) the social aspect is a little diminished, but otherwise, Slave, plays just as fine and as immediately as a top down game. A cool idea, that will certainly resonate with you is the fact that it offers you a really beautiful and well produced build; it also looks great; the cards can be seen without issues, and the backgrounds can be chosen between very business like ones, to very cheerful and colorful ones. Thus, you can make the game look as you see fit, which is always great for games of this one's age. Similarly, download Hoyle Casino Empire, for a great bundle of classic titles of card games and more.