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Smuggler's Guild (pc game)
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Let me tell you a tale...

This isn't actually a full game and is in fact an add-on for the science fiction adventure game Smugglers V. The base game is a sort of cheap and cheerful version of Elite where you fly around the universe as a trader, pirate or bounty, while engaging in turn-based combat, doing dodgy deals and all the usual sorts of things that crop up in these kinds of games. Smugglers V isn't a bad game, as long as you don't go in expecting perfection but unfortunately, even for die hard fans, Smuggler's Guild isn't exactly a must buy. It's less of an actual expansion pack and more a collection of background stories which lead you through the convoluted lives of some of the original's more colorful characters. The first story revolves around the retirement of your trader father and explores the morals of engaging in dealing contraband, while the second describes how your character seeks vengeance on the pirates who killed your parents. The final story sees you on the trail of a legendary pirate treasure which your father spent his life looking for but who died before he could find it. Of course, there are others also on the trail. The three stories are supposedly dynamic, with multiple branching routes, offering at least a little incentive to play them through a couple of times, but really, they're not all that interesting enough to play through once in all honesty. There's some semi-decent writing on offer here but it's just not engaging enough unless you really dig this universe in a major one. Definitely one with limited appeal.