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Space trade game, turn based

Smugglers V is an economical trader game, but its twist is that the action takes place in space. Thus, the combination of gameplay based on piloting mechanics, actual trading and crew management as well as space piracy, all make this fifth installment a rather unique type of game. Unlike most 4X type games, this one keeps the action turn based, and in doing so it manages to appeal to those that found classic real time 4X games too agglomerated and not that satisfying, overall. At any rate, the game contains 4 factions you'll be fighting for supremacy with or against, a skill tree of more than 100 different skills all attributable to 6 different professions and more than 30 types of ships covering trade, fighting and piracy. So, as it is, Smugglers V offers its own kind of turn based gameplay, but is is not dissimilar in concepts to 4X games such as X3 or Freelancer, though, as I mentioned you'll have to make do with the turn based gimmick. But, with the addition of RPG like elements (the skill tree and the well balanced gameplay sides (trade, fight, pirating) the game works and is very enjoyable.