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Solitaire Journey (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Main menu
  • Select game
  • Solitaire Journey pc game
  • Agnes Bernauer
  • Rules
  • History
  • Cards game
  • Move all cards
  • Many cards
  • Not a legal move
  • Colorado
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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A more sprawling game of solitaire

Everyone and their grandmother has played or at least seen a version of solitaire in action. The game came packed in with almost all Windows installations, but it has also been released on consoles, on handhelds and on mobile phones, dumb or smart. It thus makes sense for there to have been a version released for the DOS platform, one a bit more interesting and diverse than the vanilla Win 95 version. What is the trick that this version puts forth? Well, it chains tighter more single rounds of solitaire, thus making each game stake higher in a play session. The journey part, will thus take you through a number of solo games and with each won game you increase your score, score which gets added to the score you managed in the game you played a hand back and so on. So, as it is, you want to win each deck to advance and unlock new sets of cards or to experience the journey, expressed as a set of static images you get to unlock. Highly playable, addictive, and with nice graphics, Solitaire Journey sure is worth a try for fans of Solitaire in whatever of its incarnations.