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Sopwith: The Author's Edition (pc game)
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Nostalgic trip down memory lane for shooter fans

Lovers of obscure retro arcade games are sure to love this little shooter, mixing as it does the legendary biplane that is the Sopwith Camel, with some fun side scrolling action and bizarrely oversized animals to create an enjoyable time waster. The game's basic premise is simple enough and plays out in similar fashion to the likes of Defender, Scramble or the equally obscure Death Squadron. Players are required to pilot their charming little Sopwith across a series of levels, blowing up enemy planes and buildings with wild abandon. That's pretty much as far as Sopwith goes in terms of gameplay, but it does have a few other neat tricks up its sleeves to keep you on your toes. This includes the likes of the novice mode for when you're in the mood for a slightly less challenging experience alongside the addition of destructible landscapes, the idea of damaged but still flyable planes and a couple of two-player modes. Apart from this however, that's about it really. The visuals on display here are about as simple as it gets, with basic landscapes and blocky sprites (including the giant cow-like beasties which are the same size as the tanks) but Sopwith is one of those games that doesn't need fancy visuals or a complex story in order to be entertaining. It hearkens back to a classic era of simple entertainment and remains an enjoyably straightforward slice of old-school fun. The shooting action is fast and furious and puts up a stiff challenge, while the two-up mode boosts the retro appeal even more. If you have a hankering for the golden days of gaming, then check this out.