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Sorcerer King (pc game)
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Stop the sorcerer!

With its mix of 4X elements as seen in Master of Orion to the fantasy style of Heroes of Might and Magic, Sorcerer King makes for a fine addition to the collection of any serious strategy fan. It's got a generally gripping storyline, heaps of depth and customization, and with all these various elements implemented well, it turns out to be an engrossing experience with plenty to sink your teeth into. The story is fairly familiar fantasy stuff, revolving around the appearance of an evil sorcerer who has intentions to ascend to godhood, but which will spell the end of the world if he's allowed to do so. It's therefore your job to raise a mighty army and explore the land with the overall intention of bringing the foul fiend's plans to an end before he's successful. The gameplay is a mix of 4X elements like building up cities, gathering resources and so on which you can use to develop a variety of units to take part in turn-based combat sessions. There's also crafting, questing and most of the other elements that'd you associate with such a game, and it's this variety which gives the game much of its appeal. Most of these are implemented extremely well, with a good amount of depth to everything, and keeping on top of things is a big part of the fun here. The combat is challenging and satisfying, with a wide range of units to try out and which are very distinct, while the visuals are lush and detailed, with excellent use of color and some imaginative design work to enjoy. There are some minor flaws, but none of them stand in the way of this being a fine fantasy experience.