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Sorcerer Lord (pc game)
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  • Unit profile
  • Unit profile
  • Unit profile
  • Territory list
  • Main game screen
  • Exploring the land
  • Checking out the troops
  • Updated list
  • Making some moves
  • Map screen
  • A tough land
  • Magic is summoned
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • So many castles
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Too difficult to be fun, unfortunately...

I understand that using a very intrusive fog of war kind of setting to make the game more realistic is an idea that can add to a wargame, but, given the fantasy setting of this one and its lack of attention to other realism settings, it seems like a waste of a good idea. Not only a waste of an idea, but this fog of war, used to narrow your field of view too much, simply doesn't play well in the game: it's apparent that it was a blunder from the part of the developers. So, what it ultimately boils down to, is the lack of know how in terms of how the game should have been handled, that is, a difference between what was expected and what was delivered. Surely, fog was used as an idea to, maybe, hide the fact that the enemies are not using a more organic set of AI directions to help build the enemy's movements. But what we end up with is just this rather unforgiving game where you never know where the enemies will spawn next. Behind the fog, anything could happen, and my impression is that anything that could happen happens, without rhyme or reason!. Play Sword of Aragon instead, a much better game, also fantasy based, but actually enjoyable (and less prone on cheating!).