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Space Colony (pc game)
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More exciting than Sims. Build your space colony

Space Colony is by far one of the most exciting building games after Sims. Space Colony is the new Sci-Fi/Building game from Firefly Studios. The storyline and the ideas are excellent. Save your colony by taking care of it and the colony members who are unique with their characters. You have to build their home and also have to find the nutrients, trade and sell. Interesting thing I found in this game is that in Sims type game you have to start from the beginning but Space colony starts with twenty colonies to take care. Nikolai, Candy and Tami are 3 important personalities in this game. Venus is the leading role of this RTS game and you have to play as Venus and expand/take care your colonies. Some personality conflicts will appear and you have to manage it. Also you can mine for minarets and sell it to the market. You have limited resources but you have to find more resources and save the 20 colonies. It is a great game and if you love RTS games you will definitely love it.