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Space Hulk Ascension (pc game)
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For the Emperor!

There have been a few Space Hulk games over the years, all of which are based on Games Workshop's famous boardgame of futuristic Space Marines battling against vicious aliens in deserted spaceships drifting through space. This version is a pretty nice interpretation of the boardgame, adapting it more or less straight, with few additions, but to be honest, the core gameplay is so tightly designed, it really doesn't need much messing around with. In case you're not familiar with the original, it's a turn-based strategy game which sees you in control of a squad of Space Marine Terminators who must progress through a series of campaign missions which take place in some claustrophobic ship-based environments. Facing off against you are hordes of vicious Genestealers and you have a number of action points to use each turn, which allow you to move, shoot and perform other such actions. You usually have a specific objective to complete and you'll need to think and place carefully if you want to succeed. Space Hulk's biggest appeal has always been the sheer tension that it creates, with a genuine sense of encroaching dread when you're the Marine player and you see the Genestealers approaching. This version nails the atmosphere nicely with some decent visuals which recreate the brooding feel of the original well. It's a very easy game to pick up and although it's not overly challenging, the missions are certainly enjoyable and provide some fun tactical gameplay. There's a lot of missions too so you should be kept going for a while, although it might get repetitive before you reach the end. Still worth a look though.