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Space Run: Fast and Safe Delivery (pc game)
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Hit and run

For a neat variation on the classic tower defense genre, Space Run is well worth closer inspection. It's a surprisingly well put together and enjoyable little experience that features some slick visuals and intense gameplay in a neat package. You take on the role of a space transporter whose job it is to move various items around the universe for clients. However, to complicate matters, your job is fraught with dangers including asteroid storms, pirates and others in the same line of business. You start out by putting together a ship to deal with what you think you might face, and then pick up a job before heading out into the dark skies. There are various options to equip your ship with, each of which are handy for certain situations. As you complete missions, you get access to more interesting weapons and gear, which allow you to take the fight to the enemy and to protect your own goods. There is a bit of a storyline to go with the action, but it's a little weak and cheesy but it is good humored so any deficiencies can be ignored easily thanks to its light hearted approach. Space Run really is a cracking little game. It's not exactly complex but it is fun and offers a fair amount of depth that should keep you playing for a while. The missions are pretty challenging but not overly so, so you can concentrate on the fun, while the visuals are stylish and feature plenty of neat effects. So, overall, if you have played the likes of Defense Grid and are looking for something in the same vein, this is for you.