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Space Strike (2007) (pc game)
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  • Who dares to face me now?
  • I'm dangerous as you can see
  • They're avoiding me...'cause they're scared!
  • This is not going to end well
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Don't mess with us, aliens!

Space Strike is a small typical Ravage like space shooter arcade PC game with 20 missions whose objective is to destroy hostile aliens which threaten to kill human kind and save your planet. Released in December 2007, it's not a breakthrough game of the decade, but it was never ment to be. You are a pilot in a space and with simple controls you have the job to kill aliens, going through 20 missions which get harder as you go, choosing among 5 different landscapes and a variety of weapons. You astart off as a weak player but during the game you get upgrades and higher-tech weapons, but the aliens don't stay the same strenght too, so it makes the game constantly challenging. It's not very large (15 MB) and it's not very complicated - just fly, shoot, destroy, and – of course - try not to get killed. There is not much to say about the quality of video and graphics or the sound of the game, since they are both as good as they can get in such a small package. This game is especially good for youngsters, since it's rather simple and doesn't take much thought or skill to finish it. While not complicated and very demanding, it's still challenging, fun and a great way to spend those few hours between things to do in the rest of the day.