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Chemistry is fun!

A puzzle game about chemical engineering doesn't sound all that enthralling but Spacechem does for chemistry what E-Motion did for physics and turns out to be a top notch experience. Unusually for a puzzle game, there's a story here and which revolves around a reactor engineer who works for the titular Spacechem, a company which synthesizes chemicals for colonies on other planets. The game itself plays out on a 10 x 8 board which represents a reactor, and which usually has two input and output zones. Your goal is to create a set of instructions that moves atoms from the input to the output, producing a correct molecule in the process. The whole thing is played out in similar fashion to puzzlers like The Incredible Machine, and you have to place instructions to create your routines, with testing and experimentation a key part of success here. You have to take into account several factors, with atoms required to be placed in the correct location and other such things. Spacechem is a difficult game to describe on paper and probably doesn't sound all that exciting here. However, in practice, this proves to be an enthralling experience. As you progress, numerous extra elements are introduced to increase the challenge and you really have to focus on several things at once in order to emerge victorious. The visuals aren't really up to much but that's never bothered games like Tetris and instead the gameplay is the star here, and which is backed up by a surprisingly interesting story. Anyone looking for a new puzzle game would be well advised to check this out.