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Speculator (pc game)
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Speculate the real estate market; be the richest!

Speculator is a real estate market simulator, delivered top down, and with an intense and well done tongue in cheek feel to it. You play against 3 other high profile speculators, and, depending on the difficulty level you choose, the game can be harder or easier to play. On the later stages, it can be quite tricky to gain your footing, as the other players can move faster, take decisions better and generally manage to snap all the better lands from you. In terms of ease of playing Speculator is pretty cool. So, all in all Speculator can be quite hard, but all in all, if you play a mid level difficulty, the game can be quite cut throat but not quite. For starters, you will have to really play carefully at the beginning, as you start with really meager funds, but later on you can truly speculate and even influence the prices at your own will. There is also a function of reserving a certain land parcel, however, this depends a lot on your reputation. So, if you want to see what's the deal with land deals (sic!) play it. Else download The Patrician for an economic and trading simulator where honest business pays better!