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The original pair of Speedball games, Speedball and Speedball 2 are undeniable classics from the Bitmaps Bros. stable, home of Gods, Xenon 2 and Magic Pockets. They are violent future sports games which take the bone-crunching action of Blood Bowl and turn it into a fast-paced and frenetic experience that still stands up well today. If you've never played the second game before, this HD version is probably the best way to do it, as although it doesn't really change much in terms of basic gameplay, it adds in a few new features to make it the definitive version. In essence, Speedball is basically a combination of football and basketball, where teams of nine duke it out on a futuristic court, hurling steel balls around and trying to score goals but where you can also knock out the other team by throwing the ball in their faces. There's a bit of management too, as you can upgrade your own team and buy and sell players as you compete in a tournament. New features here include an extended cinematic intro, 6 new arenas and 12 new teams. There's a few new modes too, such as the career option which allows you to fight up up through the divisions to become top dog, while you can also choose from a variety of tactics for your team to use on the court. As far as nostalgia trips go, this is great stuff. The base game remains as enjoyable as ever, and although the HD update isn't all that much to write home about, the extras make up for it. If you have fond memories of this one and haven't played it in years, then this is for you.