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Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm (pc game)
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Let there be dragons, and there were dragons!

Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm is the first add-on to the SpellForce sequel, released in 2007. The fantasy literature and RPG fans will surely devour this game for sure! Of course, the main reason to love his game isn't the presence of the dragons. I will talk about them in this review. The anarchy slowly dominates the world of Eo and the wars threaten to destroy completely the entire civilization. The Shaikans must discover who is behind this evil force. Unlike the first game, SpellForce 2 increased the RPG elements, and decreased the amount of RTS. Most of the time that you will be spending playing Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm, you will solve quests along with your team. Your second concern remains the resources collection, like a true RTS gamer you are, with the training you will command and the battles with the enemies. There is a new skills system introduced in the game. Also, Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm adds the Shaikan-faction with three new races (Shaikan, Blades si Drakelings) with their own single-player campaign. All the various upgrades form an entertaining strategy system. You can always involve in a more massive war by choosing the multiplayer campaign. There are also added item-sets and if you discover enough items of one set you achieve an additional bonus, of course, depending on the type of set. I recommend this game for a great fantasy experience!