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Modern take on Rick Dangerous

If you're a fan of the classic old-school platform adventures of Rick Dangerous then this modern take on the idea should be right up your alley. The games cleverly mixes puzzling, exploration and platforming fun to great effect and which proves to be a superb bit of indie fun. You take the role of a bold explorer out to venture forth into a series of caves in search of treasure. Your main goal is actually just to get out, but you are encouraged to search for loot as you go, while also watching out for bad guys, which you can use your whip on. You also have access to a rope to help you climb up things as well as bombs to blow up enemies and to blast through walls. The levels are viewed in side on, multi-directional scrolling fashion, very much like adventures of yesteryear, and are randomly generated each time you play, adding much to the game's longevity. There are plenty of extra elements, including nods to certain famous films and which offer you the opportunity to rack up extra points, such as grabbing an idol and then escaping from the huge boulder which is triggered. Some levels are played out in the dark, requiring clever use of flares to find your way, while if you take too long to complete a level, you get chased by a ghost (shades of Baron von Blubba in Bubble Bobble perhaps?). For a modern take on a classic genre, this really is top notch stuff. It doesn't take itself too seriously, much like Rick Dangerous 2 and its aforementioned prequel, and is consistently witty, clever and downright entertaining. Highly recommended.