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Spider-Man: The Sinister Six (pc game)
5 out of 5 (3 votes)
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  • Use your spider power!
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Multiple choice type adventure, pretty shallow

Spider-Man: The Sinister Six is barely a game, it's more of a graphic novel with multiple choice points scattered here and there. Thus, your entire list of choices will be limited to clicking on one of the options (generally two or three) that the game offers you as you progress. It's hardly an enticing experience, by whatever standards you consider it. So, ultimately, you'll probably just get bored. I mean, to be honest I've seen interactive DVDs that packed more diversity than this particular game here. Graphically, if that even matters, given the sparse interactive its, well, it's much worse than any Spiderman animated series I've seen. It's like a badly drawn Spider-Man, like it's been drawn by (so so talented, hehe!)toddlers. So, my opinion is pretty straightforward: avoid, it doesn't have a single feature to make it worthwhile. Instead, if you really, really must play a game that has sparse interactive bits, find a version of Dragon's Lair and play that. At least some of these were graphically enticing!