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Squad Battles: Vietnam (pc game)
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Hex based wargame set in the Vietnam conflict era

When you want to have a go at serious wargaming but the history of the WWI is not necessarily one you would be interested in, this game here offers a solution: it recreates a more recent and more contained conflict, the one of Vietnam, and it offers you the chance to go from squad based tactics to battalion level conflagrations of higher scale and depth. The basic gameplay is the same throughout, as you have to choose where and when to attack, where to deploy your troops and how to manage the conflict in terms of its every imaginable option. The game is full of details that have to do with the recreation of the era conflict. Within the 70 scenarios there are both weaponry level details as well as detailed map recreations that will make it easier for you to take advantage of the entire arsenal of moves that you might be interested in. so, overall, you will need to take advantage of heights, or cover, make sure that the moment is right to attack, and generally have the same mindset that a general has to have when directing his troops in the line of fire. An alternative similar title might be D-Day: America Invades, another turn based strategy with America in the center of the conflict.