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Unique and imaginative

Anyone who's in the market for a nice casual adventure which doesn't take itself too seriously and which provides a neat twist on the genre might want to have a look at the curiously named Stacking. It's got an unusual setting and some decent puzzles and which makes for a fairly entertaining time. The game is set in the 1920s Depression era, with the player taking control of Charlie Blackmore, whose family has been kidnapped by an industrialist who's got something nasty in mind for them. The weird part is that Charlie is actually a Russian doll and it's this concept which gives the game its strange and unique and appeal. The idea is that you can possess other dolls in order to take their abilities and which are used to solve the numerous environmental puzzles which bar your progress. Sometimes you even have to make use of multiple skills which adds further to the challenge. The whole thing is a little strange but it is a wonderfully original conceit and one which is well worth checking out for yourself. The narrative is equally intriguing, being just as innovative in its ideas and themes, as it addresses things like environmental concerns, and women's and children's rights, ideas which are rarely discussed in video games. The visuals are quite lovely too, with some wonderful environmental design that brings homes the game's uniqueness even more. Level design and puzzles are just as well done, being challenging but always entertaining so overall, this is a wonderful little discovery that is just begging to be played.