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Stalin's Dilemma (pc game)
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Soviet economic sim, covering the late 20s to the early 40s

This game is an awesome look at the underpinnings of soviet Russia economics between 1928 towards 1942, which, for historical fans, those interested in the WWI world and how it worked, economically, strategically, politically and much more, can be a really evocative piece. The game plays as an economic simulator mostly, with an acute sense that what you have to do is prepare Russia for the Nazi invasion to come. Therefore, there is a lot to fear, for you, as a leader, and you'll find out that being a much too relaxed leader may have devastating effects on your abilities to fend off an attack. Therefore, the game has a really great way of making you think about the limits and the space of option that the USSR had had. Unfortunately, this is a very stripped down strategy game, as it focuses mostly on the mathematical portion of things, and so, it might not appeal players that love a bit of color and flash in their virtual, high brow simulation. But remember this one was made by a one team man, as a proof of concept, and to help him teach the economics of the era. So, if you want a flashier sim, rather go for a title such as Democracy, which is even a more ambitious political, economic and simulator of democratic ruling, enabling you to simulate different types of democratic rule and see how they affect the system.