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Star Castle PC (pc game)
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Vector graphics arcade remake of a Vectrex title

Star Castle PC is a remake of a Vectrex title of the same name, a fast and quite interesting vector graphics arcade game. The Windows version, contrary to what I first though uses a really nice non vector based graphics interface to offer you a really well produced experience. While it might not be as barebones as the original, not a lot has changed either. The game is still pretty fast, a shooter, in which you try to destroy the walls of a palace (though, of course, the so called palace is just a collection of lines that you have to break down!) and then, hopefully, find out what is hidden inside. You thus fly a ship in this rotating ring, and you have to shoot each portion of the rotating rings. While, of course, avoiding being shot, avoiding hitting the walls, and also, avoiding shooting at the empty walls. It's a pretty challenging, arcade and puzzle gameplay, but it's very involving and fun. And, if you want to get a taste of what made vector graphics so cool, this game sure will offer you a good idea! Otherwise, you might want to download Alien Attack, another shooter in a very simple graphical environment.