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Star Command Deluxe (pc game)
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Diverse war RTS game

It is a very good real time space strategy game where the theme is a typical one. You have to fight the enemies to gain supremacy via commanding and controlling your units through your mother ship which is the key feature to the game play. You always have to keep your mother ship safe so that you do not loose it because it will end the game. The strategic scope in the game is very broad and is controlled through the mother ship which you need to move throughout the map. You have to protect it from being taken over or all your efforts and your progress will be lost and you will be defeated. The A1 in the game is very competitive and you need to build a war fare strategy where all the units must be spread on the map optimally so that you can both protect the mother ship in one corner and launch attacks against the enemies on some other corner of the map. The UI to support the gameplay here is also very good and the graphics are ok. Some of the strategic elements in the game are quite unique which makes it better than games likes Urban Assault.