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Star Saga: One - Beyond the Boundary (pc game)
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Sci Fi adventure/RPG from the creator of Wizardry; needs maps!

Yap, Andrew Greenberg, the head behind the Wizardry series' design is the man responsible for the development of this game as well, a very ambitious RPG/adventure game, this time flavored as a Sci Fi rather than a high fantasy in a mythical and medieval world. This however has not taken a toll on his creativity, quite on the contrary, with this game he explores a lot of realms that were not in the cards in any other of his games. The game is mostly well written, ahead of any other qualities it has, and it's got lots of things going on for itself. For instance, the game, if you find a real copy with all the original materials included, you will have not one but two very detailed maps. It's a huge game this one, like a pen and paper like adventure, though, as I said in a futuristic, Sci Fi world. In a way, this game can be off putting just because it can be so unwieldy and require so much from you. Just a small example of how in detail it can be: you need to have a map, the original one, or just a printed one. You have your token, for each player, again, you can make do with some toy soldiers or something else (buttons is just as good an idea!). Then you trace your position on the map in accordance with the game. Basically the digital game will act like a dungeon master, telling you when you've found an encounter, and judging your actions there. It's a really involving game, the kind you got to make time for, but, say, if you can't get enough friends to play Dungeons and Dragons with you, classic style, or, say, you want something like that but set in a Sci Fi world, Star Saga: One - Beyond the Boundary offers you that. A lot of diversity though, which, as I said can be the selling point or the undoing of this game. Take it as you will, but make sure you have the maps if you decide to try it out.

Multiplayer exploration

Starsaga is a little gem, a multiplayer exploration, adventure, strategy, role playing, and board game. Enjoyment requires the discipline to actually read the text and use imagination to carry the game experience to the abundant, colorful other worlds and cultures. Given that, it is incredible.The writing was excellent, mostly, with a stimulating plot (and occasional silliness). The amount of actual game in this low tech masterpiece is amazing. There is no sound, only a few sketches in the books, but the large game board (with "space walls") means the strategy of course plotting, upgrading ship and personal weapons, ship and personal defenses, resources, abilities, buying, selling, trading, negotiating and plot objectives can be complex, especially to win the game.Game board, booklets and character sheets are necessary for play.