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Star Saga: Two - The Clathran Menace (pc game)
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Sci Fi Adventure, sprawling and very detailed

Star Saga: Two - The Clathran Menace is a very detailed ASCII clad adventure game, that will transport you in a very interesting universe, full of interesting creatures, alien races and technology. If you care for calling cards, this one sure has a great one – it has been produced by Andrew Greenberg, none other than the original creator of Wizardry and a couple of other greats that will continue to play important roles in gaming for the years to come. The game, while adventure at its core, also has important portions of 4X, that is exploration, also choose your own adventure mechanics and plot continuation as well as pen and paper role playing elements that govern the encounters. So, even if the graphics are not by any means outstanding, you will be immersed in the game both mechanically as well as storywise, and will have an important influence on the history of this digital universe. I will also say that the game consists of no less than 888 text passages, that create a very immersive, very detailed world, with characters that are individuals and not only quest givers. But yes, you need to keep your graphical expectations low, and if you do that you can be sure that the game will deliver a great quality adventure. And, very importantly, before you start playing, make sure you find and download PDFs of the original cloth maps, so you will be able to play properly.

Just 240KB download

This is actually my favorite computer game of all time. The program was under 240kB coming with 14 small books containing text and a few images for what is encountered. It was an adventure, strategy, multiplayer, role playing and board game, in a changing, reactive universe focused complex, fun choices.A few planets are known but most are located in different places each time the game is played (so don't write on the board as they suggest). Each character has entirely different objectives, and one both competes with and works hand-in-hand with other characters to complete the main challenges of the game.It was preceeded by Starsaga One, Beyond the Boundary which was almost as good. This is low tech high quality gaming. Good humor excellent writing.One and Two were part of a trilogy.1-6 players can play on a single computer. Most of the game is reading and plotting ones next strategic move on the board and based upon short and long term objectives.