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Star Trek: Starfleet Command Volume 2 - Empires at War (pc game)
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A real treat for the Star Trek fans

Star Trek: Starfleet Command Volume 2 - Empires at War is a 2000 futuristic strategy game for all the Star Trek series fans! This second volume of the original Starfleet Command introduces two new races, the Mirak Star League (that wants to conquer to whole universe) and the Interstellar Concordium (you will fight against them), each having their own weapons and ships. The game also adds fighters and fast patrol ships (gunboats). As a ST real enthusiast, I started with big hopes and high regard, on my way to achieve a majestic career in the galaxy! Dynaverse is a new concept when it comes to maps, a new model of interstelar map, where each player will dynamically change this type of topographical plan, through various missions. Unlike the previous game, the control system of your ships has been significantly modernized and improved. Another thing that was improved is the graphics engine, and you will consider the ships a real treat. You can release orders like attacks, defends, or capturing particular targets. I noticed a somehow stupid AI, among the ships I have encountered, especially when it comes to galactic battles. You have to make upgrades for you navy, to cope with the difficult challenges. I recommend it.