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Star Wars Episode 1: The Gungan Frontier (pc game)
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  • Mobilizing troops
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Little known strategy/puzzler from Lucas Arts

One of the weirder issues that LucasArts faced back in its day was it's lack of the right to produce Star Wars games, or rather, to produce games that were too tied to the movies franchise. That is because George Lucas had signed a contract forfeiting these rights to games for a long period of time, and so, the production company had to come up with innovative ways to get some Star Wars themed games out there, without infringing on their contract. That is why this game, Star Wars Episode 1: The Gungan Frontier is the way it is. A combination of strategy and puzzle that almost seems completely divorced from the Star Wars universe, were it not for the title. In this game you will oversee a natural habitat, similar to the second stages of Spore though a bit more limited. Also, the game won't put you in charge of no well known characters from the Star Wars universe, though they tried to hide a few Easter Eggs, here and there. So, play this if you love God games, simulations of societies, etc. Hardcore Star Wars fans can do without this one, as the name of the game is the only thing tying the movies universe and this game together.