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Star Wars Pit Droids (pc game)
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Puzzler based on the droids of the Star Wars franchise

You certainly remember the cute, workaholic droids of the Star Wars series, especially if you were a fan of the movies. Well, in this turn based game you'll be their manager, trying to get the tasks at hand done, in the 8 levels that the game offers you. However, while that might not sound like a lot, within these levels the number of puzzles that are possible exceed 300. But, the gimmick is that they all revolve around the same turn based mechanic. So, Star Wars Pit Droids is a kind of Checkers with droids, though of course it is played with its own unique set of rules. The 8 levels are dispersed in 6 distinct looking environments, all taken from the sets of the movies and transplanted in this game's 2D isometric environments. And, the end result is a very good looking one, as well as a challenge that will definitely interest players of turn based puzzlers or those that love the Star Wars universe. Maybe if you share both of these traits, the game will be extra special for you, though even in absence of this, you can still enjoy the game.