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Starbound (pc game)
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To infinity and beyond!

Starbound is a wonderful little indie title that takes elements from games as diverse as Zelda, Terratech and Minecraft and spins them all together to make a delightfully entertaining experience that is well worth picking up. The game thrusts you into the role of a character from one of six races who is out in the depths of space while fleeing their home planet, only to become caught in the gravity of another world when their fuel runs out. Landing on the planet is the only option but upon doing so, you'll discover that it's a pretty hostile place where just about everything is out to kill you. What follows is an epic tale of survival against all the odds which will see you making use of all the resources around you to craft items, help you explore, and ultimately make your escape so you can continue to venture out into the galaxy and find out just what is waiting out there in the black. The whole thing is presented in classic 2D sidescrolling fashion, and the sharp, character-filled graphics are just one of the many high points to be found when playing this. The sprites and environments are all charming and superbly well designed, packing in heaps of personality and variety. This variety spills over into the gameplay too and this is another key selling point. There's simply so much to do and see here that it's almost impossible to ever get bored. You really feel like a genuine explorer as you uncover each planet's secrets and there's palpable sense of excitement as you do so, so if you have interest in being a pioneer, this is for you.