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Starship Invasion (pc game)
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  • Starship Invasion pc game
  • Stardate
  • Photon
  • Shields off
  • Black background
  • Raise shield
  • Photon torpedo
  • A/M Missile
  • Defense Central
  • Phasers destroyed
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Kinda looks like a battleshipsh game
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Remake of the eponymous mainframe BASIC game

Starship Invasion is a well produced, interesting and exciting game about space combat, in which you control a space ship in this real time 2D world. You have to control its movement, speed and other such elements, plus, you want to shoot your way around and get the most out of it. Your Stinger shooter will get better over time, as you will get new weapons and new systems, but at the beginning the game can be a little hard. Graphically, the game is made out of ASCII graphics, solely black and white color blocks, but, that doesn't take away from it, quite on the contrary, it adds a certain feel of retro that feel good. The enemies are also quite diverse, as they contain Star Docks, the other flying ships and much more. It is interesting, definitely more than I would have expected from a game made in 84, and it just falls into place really nicely. A similar game is Space Miner, which I also definitely recommend, as this one has a whole bunch better graphics but ultimately it is the same arcadey kind of deal. So, download them both and play them when you feel like a simple arcade challenge in space, in black and white!