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Starships Unlimited (pc game)
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  • Commanding the fleet
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Charming and complex sci-fi strategy

If you've ever dreamed of conquering the galaxy, running spy networks and forming alliance and networks of the kind seen in Star Trek and Star Wars, then Starships Unlimited is the perfect game for you. This really is quite a clever and neat little space strategy game which can be compared to Civilization but on a galactic scale and with not quite the same degree of depth. Like other such strategy and empire-building games, Starships Unlimited includes plenty of opportunities for creating ships, managing resources, colonising planets and researching technology. Oh, and of course, invading and conquering your galactic enemies! Considering that the game was developed and released with limited resources, it's quite remarkable how much fun and complexity has been squeezed in here. While lacking in the polish expected of bigger budge games, Starships Unlimited has clearly had a lot of love put into every aspect, from its stirring soundtrack, myriad options and simple but charmingly effective graphics. The game is fairly complex and will take a little while to get into, but thankfully its interface and controls are accessible enough to make the learning curve shallow enough that it always remains fun. There is a nice range of activities, campaigns and missions to get involved in, and there is always something to do so this is a game that can prove quite time consuming, thanks to its addictiveness. Although not without its flaws, like the general lack of originality, Starships Unlimited is an engaging sci-strategy game that is worth more than a cursory look for fans of Homeworld.