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Start-Up 2000 (pc game)
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Impose yourself on the cybernetics developing market!

Start-Up 2000 is a 2001 simulation strategy game where you control a new Hi-Tech company, while trying to survive the danger that threatens you. You have 7 enemies, and the products they have to make are Mobile Videophone, Game Console, and CyberTV, the same as your company. This game may bring a confusing experience that can be hardly enjoyed by the simulator fans, but your tasks will keep your mind occupied and interested. The good thing is that there is a convenient and proper amount of complexity and detail in the gameplay, so that the unexperienced ones can enjoy their time spent in their way to success. Among your objectives there are included: managing your office/staff (after leaving the office, of course), hiring employers, deciding what is best for your product quality, price, marketing and more aspects. In order to distract your employers attention from their hard work, you can put at their disposal videogames, coffee breaks, and you can also raise their salaries to maintain their great mood. Speaking on the employers satisfaction, your main goal is to actually keep a balance between this aspect and your clients satisfaction. If you want to impose yourself on the cybernetics developing market and to understand the worldwide economics mechanism, through a well-developed strategy/simulation game, Start-Up 2000 is what you need!