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STASIS: Deluxe Edition (pc game)
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  • Quite dark inside
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Scare yourself silly

Playing out like a mix of Baldur's Gate, Silent Hill and the Lurking Horror, this deluxe edition of the superb STASIS is well worth picking up if you want to scare yourself silly. It's an old-school isometric adventure which combines solid science fiction storytelling, clever gameplay and a superb atmosphere to create a thoroughly satisfying experience. The bold narrative finds an ordinary guy named John waking up from stasis to find his wife and child missing and the spaceship plummeting out of control into the swirling methane clouds of Neptune. What follows is a genuinely haunting and pretty disturbing journey through the troubled mind of John and which is reflected in some seriously creepy environments which you must explore to get to the bottom of the mystery. There's a wide range of challenging puzzles barring your way, along with multiple characters to interact with and some rather nasty ways of dying, with John facing some pretty gruesome ends if you're not careful. This edition adds in a few bonus extras, including a digital art book, wallpapers and the soundtrack but even without these goodies, this is a top notch game. The storyline is genuinely gripping, with some serious twists and turns to navigate and which will keep you hooked to the end. The narrative also deals with some meaty themes to give the game some depth, but it also delivers on the scares front. The superb visuals are detailed and complex, with sound to boot, while the puzzles and clever, inventive and implemented well with the gameplay. All in all, this is superb fusion of modern and old-school which deserves to be played.