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Stealth Bastard Deluxe - Complete Edition (pc game)
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Stealth done properly

This is a stunningly clever, inventive and challenging little stealth 'em up that shows Metal Gear just how things should be done. It's got some charmingly cool old-school visuals, and is absolutely stuffed with superbly designed levels which will have you screaming at your screen but which you won't be able to put down. This edition is the one to go for as it includes the base game, the soundtrack and an extra DLC package. The concept is elegantly simple and sees you in control of a series of clones trying to escape from a nightmare series of levels which are patrolled by guards, robots, security systems and all sorts of other hazards and obstacles. Your goal is to get to the exit on each of the eighty plus levels, but to do so, you'll have to sneak your way around, flipping switches, manipulating platforms and generally being a cunning wee devil. You have access to a range of gear which will make your task a little easier, but even so, you're in for a rough ride, especially if you want that coveted S rank. This really is a fine example of how to do stealth and platforming. The levels are so well designed, and feature such a wide range of hazards, that you just will not give up until you're nailed them perfectly, but to do so is going to take some time. Fortunately, despite the difficulty, this is never less than highly enjoyable and it's got that one more go feeling in spades. The visuals are great too, with lovely lighting effects that really add to the game, and some great character work, and which are just the icing on an absolutely delicious cake that is just begging to be tasted.