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Steigenberger Hotelmanager (pc game)
3 out of 5 (4 votes)
  • Main menu... quite pixelated...
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Manage your own hotel!

Steigenberger Hotelmanager is a German game, but you have the opportunity to play it with an English language pack, which makes it easier to sink into. Thus, you need not worry, you'll be able to sink right into it. However, the language barrier is not the problem of the game, it's its blandness. Now, I do love sims and tycoons, but I do have some expectations of fun from them as well. Nope, unfortunately, in this department Steigenberger Hotelmanager is a bit lacking, maybe too focused on appealing to diehards of simulation, but less interesting for those that also want some joy out of their games. Thus, the more cartoony Capitalist Pig with which Steigenberger Hotelmanager shares its love for real estate was more to my liking due to its less serious or self absorbed approach. At any rate, for an early 90s game, I guess it will look good enough, but expect German simplicity and things to be to the point, in your face, never too diverse or otherwise fun and engaging. But then again, maybe hotel management isn't that much fun in the real world either!